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Sometimes I write down thoughts and commentary about things like education, technology, management, politics,
and even myself. Sometime I write satire. Sometimes it is difficult to tell the difference between comment and satire.

Sometimes correspondence with friends and colleagues results in unusual positions and speculations. Sometimes
I dabble with art, poetry, web-site construction, and other creative forms.

The Humor section is from other people, the rest is mine.

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COMMENTARY –– Somewhat acerbic, sometimes acrimonious, often acuminate, slightly acidulent, and only accidently accurate commentary on academia, management, and other topics.

SATIRE –– Some silly stuff.

STORY –– Some short stories.

ART –– Empty at this time.

POETRY –– Empty at this time.

HUMOR –– Mostly stuff that I like by other people, often sent through email. Includes quotations, trivia and some puzzles.

PLAY –– Experiments with text and form.