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I write a lot of code, about 2000 error-free lines of LISP and Mathematica (Mma) each year –– this is equivalent to about 15K lines of C, since LISP and Mma are eloquent languages.

Code that is not in use is, well, dead, so I'm attempting to make as much of it available as I can.

All code on this site has run successfully and is relatively bug-free; however, much of it is complex, and would require significant skilled effort to get fully up and running. Most of it is protected by GNU-like "use but do not sell" licenses. All of it is as-is, I offer not warranties and no support!

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BOUNDARY MATHEMATICS –– Many versions of boundary logic optimization engines, including tautology checking and asynchronous parallel deduction. Contradiction management using imaginary boundary logic. Several versions written by students.

VIRTUAL REALITY SYSTEMS –– Three complete immersive VR systems, with a full complement of functionality. Position tracking; voice and gesture input; sensor fusion; distributed processing; world models; tools for building dynamic, interactive virtual environments; smart terrain models; real-time editing within the virtual world; multiple concurrent participants; display drivers; scripting languages; operating system shells; and more.

COMPUTER SCIENCE PROJECTS –– a few miscellaneous projects in LISP. An instructable interface demo, parts of a semantic code debugger.

MATHEMATICA CODE –– Since Mma is a proprietary language, this code is separate. Short versions of boundary logic Boolean optimization, and an algebra of drawing.

EDA CODE -- Area and delay optimization of semiconductor circuit designs.

-- only VR code and one Mma program for now --